Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Survivor: Mathematics (Episode 2)

[Episode 2]

Denji woke up at 6am. But since it was raining and it was cold, he decided to "heat things up first." He ate rice and shrimp for breakfast by 7. He took a bath and left.

When he was at UP, he was marveled by the length of the line. When the line moved a little, he saw his friends from Theater: Kat and Jel. He decided to accompany them and moved to the back of the line. They were all marveled by the longer line now that reached the second floor of the building. They were chitchatting while the line is moving.

When they were done, he was invited by his friends to Glorietta, to which he agreed. They ate lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters and they watched High School Musical 3. He went home afterwards, thinking how to execute his plan involving the green form.

[To be continued...]

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