Sunday, May 25, 2008

As Requested

Yeah... As requested by Aki, I will post this [humorous and yet] embarrasing dream of mine... It's just a dream anyway. No harm done. O_O

Remember the horny Japanese guy from my dream before [refer to my previous blog entry: The Good, The Bad, The Cute, The Ugly]? This is scary, though, because I had dreamt about him again, but this time, he did not do any "harm". We were just in my condo unit (surprisingly, I don't have one in real life). And I do mean he did not do any "harm". He just "proposed" an engagement and that I "should tell my parents". My [unconscious and mysterious] answer was that I don't want my parents to know "our relationship". Yikes!

Well, actually, that was the last part of my dream. The [gross and horrible] first part was...

I was applying yet [again] for an organization. There was another Japanese guy who just arrived at the club's... HQ? Oh, well. So he just arrived, and as I was talking heartily to Kady M. (I hid her name as Kady Malloy as to protect plagiarism. :P), I can feel him glaring at me. I just shrug it off and convinced myself he was looking at my direction (but not possibly at me: that's the Limit definition for you). He suddenly hugged me and asked "Namae wa?!" which I understood as he asking my name. Someone blurted out my name (someone said "Denji-desu"). I tried to take him off me but he grasped my shoulder, sniffed me, whispered "Ahh, Denji", and he ran his hands from my shoulder to my hands and held them. I resisted and tried to take him off. All the members and applicants were squealing [others in delight, others in disgust]. He hugged me tighter and to be released from his arms, I said, "Papasok na ako, majors ko na. [Math subject]" Obviously, someone translated that for him and apparently wanted to follow me and he wanted to be a seat-in in my class. I obviously declined but he just held and hugged me. I shrugged him off and I went away. I heard him talk to Kady and to Robbie [Carrico?] to join him in the building [Math building] while he is waiting for me ouside.

End of story.

PS: I wanted to stop blogging since HEL told us [in our English 30 class] not to since it "degrades our English". So I swore to write only sensible things at my blog. Well, I just wrote it at Aki's request. :P