Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Cute, The Ugly

Condolences to myself... Aerol died... T_T Ice killed "him"...

Now I hate my only hamster... Well, not really, but at least I recovered from the shock. And she bit my finger. Ouch!

My schoolmate from High School (Jovitte) passed the UPCAT. Congratulations! 8D

*sigh*... and the "main story line"...

January 7 is my "Valentine's Day". Why? Everything related to that thing so-called "love" happened on that day. It is actually the time I saw my morning crush for 5 minutes striaght, the time I sniffed and gaped at my noon crush, and the time my afternoon crush's eyes and mine met. ^^ And before I took the bus home, I ate at Chowking, and my table number was 143. Sweet...

And this is the weirdest dream I ever had.

January 13, in the wee hours of the morning, I... well... dreamt. It was in a house in a village with my ex-housemates, este, co-apps (How I miss them and my senpai-tachi, especially... Hmmm....) And we were in a "theatre practice". I just said to some instructor I never saw in my dream that I will go out for a while, and after a while, when I returned, they were gone, except for a number of people. Saying that the program will start. At some moment after, I was in the front seat (as an audience) I saw in my left the very sexy, beautiful, and alluring Ms. Iwa Moto. ^^ To my right is a Jap guy I know. But I never knew he was "horny" (in the dream) because he kept on rubbing his rod (ooops... adult content). When I saw him at that instant, I turned my sight away from him to Iwa. Then I smiled, because it's Iwa in the first place. 8D And I was shocked, because the guy at my right (not named "for protection". LOL) Suddenly he forced me to lean down to him, he pulled my hand (to which I tried to pull back since...) and he forced my hand to rub his crotch. Ö I resisted, but he is so strong that *I dont want to put the words. T_T* and he said the words, malaki? After which I tried to sit properly but he prevented me and his hand tried to reach mine *very creepy*. Of course, I stopped him, but to no avail. He did it, and said that same word. And I heard the people at the back shouting. I was shocked! Until the shouting faded to the my pseudonym (Denji) then it fades further to silence. And then the "program" started.

Well, that was a creepy dream. I didn't stood the last part one bit. O_O

And I passed both my Math exams. ^^