Friday, December 21, 2007

And So, The Countdown Began

It's Christmas... I don't expect gifts anymore. :( Why? Because I received my early Christmas gift: a pair of hamsters! Yay! I named them Aerol (silent L) and Ice (said ai-ze). The reasons for such names? It's a secret.

I was like a dentrimental freak when I looked at those cuties. They made me forget my problems. (and my homework, too. Ö) At first, I put them in a glass tank and filled it with newspaper shreds. They like to bury themselves in the shreds, especially Ice since Aerol does nothing but nibble. o_O A few days after, I bought (actually, MY DAD BOUGHT) a new metal cage for them, complete with the wheel (I call it the Hamster Wheel. Ü) and a "house". I was like a dork waiting for them to ride the wheel but after hours, my waiting paid off, Aerol rode the wheel and he never got off. Yay! It was just so~ cute. <3 and after some time Ice rode. And now they are still fighting over the wheel. And the "house"? It was on a sort-of "second floor" of the cage. Aerol went to the roof of the house (went to the next level via the "stairs". Hamsters don't fly. o_O) and he was like looking down from the roof. And he fell to the base of the cage. Ouch!

One of my problems is the organization I'm applying for. I went through a lot of conflicts with my parents but my misbehavior blew their fuse. So I resolved to not joining any organizations for internal peace. What sacrifice. T_T

And, oh, last Friday, I got to talk with my Physics crush. Kyaa~!!! I wished to talk with my crush for at least five minutes of my life but that day, we ended up talking for an accumulative of 30 minutes! Yay! It's about Physics, though. But at least we "talked". And I get to stick my arm with my crush's. HEAVEN!