Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Life Realization

One person said to me in an SMS:

"[...] kahit suplado ka [...]"

What does "suplado" really mean?

For all the life that I have lived, I knew this word to mean someone who literally snobs anyone. The problem, I just met this person (well, maybe I can call him a friend, but we're not close yet). So when he sent me the message (the quote was part of the whole), I realized that he means "suplado" as someone who only notices [most of his] teachers, all of his friends and relatives. Well, I'm not hurt by what he said: there is no offense done. But via what he said, he made me reflect on what my personality is.

I remembered myself before. I used to dream of becoming a celebrity. I thought smiling is not tiring. I thought all people who know you and call your name [even if you're on a comfort room] is one happy thing. But as my life goes on, this all changed. Stardom is such a pain in the ass. Philippine television is boring. And I never knew how to smile from the heart again. I've failed in love a lot of times, yet I'm still here. I managed to survive, though, but I forgot to smile. You see, if "love inflicts you pain" it leaves a scar. You may be traumatized.

Wait, what am I saying? Where in the blog world am I? Heck! The "suplado" thing! Oh, well. I think I need a personality assessment and make-over. Let's start by this question:

What things in me do you like and/or hate?

Answer with truth. Why? Because Asians tend to beat around the bush. So instead of correcting the flaw, it is being ignored.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Will Be a Masochist, But I AM NOT a Masochist [yet]

I realized I can't finish my undergraduate course in three-and-a-half years. Well, theoretically, I can. But later, I came to my senses that I will pass out if I enroll next semester in full load. In short, I will [?] finish my degree on time [i.e., not in advance].

And, oh, if I changed my mind again, I will spend the rest of the months, before I graduate, "taking up Culinary Arts with my mom as my professor and Professional Driving with my dad as my professor".

Friday, June 13, 2008


Ok. So I just found out that my crush enrolled in ADMU and not in UPD. So, it's "sad", and I can't do some stalking on my last year as an undergrduate. T_T

Recently, life has been boring. I wonder why the things in life that I like don't "last" that much. Maybe, madali akong magsawa.

I'll study hard on Math from now on (I've been telling this myself for 2 years but I'm really serious this time. Swear.), now that I've found some "encouragement". Problem is, I don't know where to work after I finished all my required units.

Basically, I now need a scholarship. Darn Philippine economy. Fuck you. Even if you can't be physically cursed, still, fuck you.

I think I'm experiencing bad karma. I've been "bad" this past few years. I mean it (pun slightly intended).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The First [Few] Day[s] of Classes

I can’t believe that it is my third year in college. In fact, I will graduate next sem! Well, approximately…


Math 122

~Takenouchi-sensei is kawaii… That’s it. Hahaha! No… By some blows of gale (or in other words: since I am interested in Differential Equations), I became interested in studying the course.

Physics 10

~I have to sprint from MB to New NIP to go there. We experienced difficulty in finding the room. We met Dr. Alonzo, and ate inside the room. After a while, he said that one rule is that we shouldn’t eat and drink inside the classroom. Well, except for crackers and water (I brought nachos and iced tea inside).

Koreyano 10

~Another sprinting session from New NIP to AS. Our instructor is like a typical Korean: he wore polo, pants, and a hat. And the first session gave me nosebleed.

Math 123.1

~Little did we know that this Advanced Calculus course is really an Introduction to Real Analysis course. Ma’am Roque is the laughs, believe me.


Math 110.2

~I can’t believe Sir Basilla taught that “well”. Math 140 (one of my classes last sem: under him) is a mess. From the start of the session, I’m expecting more from Linear Algebra. Good start, indeed.

Math 150.1

~What 150.1? Where is the prof?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Do or Die: Enrollment Phase II

June 3, 2008. I woke up when my alarm clock has rung. It was four in the morning. As usual, I just stirred a cup of Milo: that’s breakfast for me that day.

Before I knew it, it was six thirty and I was already at the front of the door of Lingg. Up until eight there was no person in front of Lingg but me. When the enlisting staff came, I confidently enlisted for the Koreyano 10 class. Sweet.

Then I went to IM for us to know the results of the petition of a new section in a major subject. It was granted after their lunch break. So now I have eighteen units. Good riddance.

With some of my friends, I went to SE to at least enroll in an elective. Damn them. We were in the line for, like, three hours just to be informed that they didn’t want students who were “playing safe”.

Our philosophy was: in times of conflicting schedules, enlist before cancel. But, horribly, the SE didn’t want that. They wanted us to cancel our dear classes first before they can enlist us. Damn, they are paranoids! I hate them!

So it was already four in the afternoon when I decided to continue the registration process. Unfortunately, I validated late so I have to come tomorrow to retrieve my form before paying.

Now, [the additional problem is] some of my friends won’t give up in enlisting an Economics subject. So I have to go with the flow, since I want that as an elective as well. But there might be no more slots available for us. Argh…

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do or Die: Enrollment Phase I

June 2, 2008. Half past three in the morning. My alarm clocks weren’t ringing but I woke up. My eyes were really wide and my consciousness did not return to slumber. I waited till my first alarm clock rang. When it did, I finally got off my bed and stirred a cup of Milo. There starts my day.

It was seven o’clock [or was it six thirty?] when I reached the College of Science (CS). I already got my registration materials and my True Copy of Grades (TCG). After that I went to the Institute of Mathematics (IM) to get the enrollment process started. But there was no one there. So I decided to wait for a friend back at CS. We both went to the IM but still, there’s no one there. After almost an hour of waiting, we [batch-mates] were now five when we realized that we don’t have an adviser since they thought our batch [the 2006] and the other batch [the 2007] are to start tomorrow. But things “went fine” and we now had our “adviser”.

I was still lacking 3 subjects [I just needed 2 more so that I won’t be under-loaded, but still…]. We [the 2 batches] should enlist other subjects tomorrow but as a special “favor” of CS, we were to enlist today in other CS subjects. By the way, I was lacking 2 major [Mathematics] subjects and a random subject, be it a free elective or a foreign language elective. To our [the 2006 batch] surprise, they will open a new section for a major subject [which I haven’t got] in the afternoon. The other subject? We had to make a petition to open a new section for that. We have to wait until tomorrow if it has been granted.

So here’s the problem. I am planning to get an Economics subject as an elective. But I was so disappointed when I went to the School of Economics (SE) building to check for the enlistment process: it said “other students” [non-SE students that don’t really require Economics in their curriculum] can enlist SE subjects on Wednesday. Sad, so I have to think of back-up plans. These are what I thought.

Scenario I: I will enlist either Integrated Elementary Japanese (Hapon 10-11) or Elementary Japanese I (Hapon 10) tomorrow at the Department of Linguistics (Lingg). The class that will fit my subject will be in the morning. And the schedule might coincide with an Economics class I want to enlist in.

Scenario II: I will enlist either Integrated Elementary Korean (Koreano 10-11) or Elementary Korean I (Koreano 10) tomorrow at Lingg. The class that will fit my subject will be in the afternoon. That is, it is sandwiched between my Physics class situated near Katipunan and my Mathematics class that is just near where my Physics class is handled. The problem? The classroom can be walked within 6-7 minutes from my Physics class: and I might not want that.

Scenario III: I will wait for Wednesday to enlist for the Economics subject. The problem? The demand for that subject is high. So it takes pure luck to enlist that class.

Scenario IV: We [with my friends who want to take the same subject] will beg at Solita Monsod [our preferred professor for the subject] to add us to her class. But that is plain impossible [or not?] I think.

Scenario V: I will end up having 15 units for the semester. And I don’t want that.

The adventure continues tomorrow. And, oh, if you read this entry and today is the date specified at the start, kindly give [and explain] me the scenario that you prefer. I’m [absolutely] out of my mind right now.