Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do or Die: Enrollment Phase I

June 2, 2008. Half past three in the morning. My alarm clocks weren’t ringing but I woke up. My eyes were really wide and my consciousness did not return to slumber. I waited till my first alarm clock rang. When it did, I finally got off my bed and stirred a cup of Milo. There starts my day.

It was seven o’clock [or was it six thirty?] when I reached the College of Science (CS). I already got my registration materials and my True Copy of Grades (TCG). After that I went to the Institute of Mathematics (IM) to get the enrollment process started. But there was no one there. So I decided to wait for a friend back at CS. We both went to the IM but still, there’s no one there. After almost an hour of waiting, we [batch-mates] were now five when we realized that we don’t have an adviser since they thought our batch [the 2006] and the other batch [the 2007] are to start tomorrow. But things “went fine” and we now had our “adviser”.

I was still lacking 3 subjects [I just needed 2 more so that I won’t be under-loaded, but still…]. We [the 2 batches] should enlist other subjects tomorrow but as a special “favor” of CS, we were to enlist today in other CS subjects. By the way, I was lacking 2 major [Mathematics] subjects and a random subject, be it a free elective or a foreign language elective. To our [the 2006 batch] surprise, they will open a new section for a major subject [which I haven’t got] in the afternoon. The other subject? We had to make a petition to open a new section for that. We have to wait until tomorrow if it has been granted.

So here’s the problem. I am planning to get an Economics subject as an elective. But I was so disappointed when I went to the School of Economics (SE) building to check for the enlistment process: it said “other students” [non-SE students that don’t really require Economics in their curriculum] can enlist SE subjects on Wednesday. Sad, so I have to think of back-up plans. These are what I thought.

Scenario I: I will enlist either Integrated Elementary Japanese (Hapon 10-11) or Elementary Japanese I (Hapon 10) tomorrow at the Department of Linguistics (Lingg). The class that will fit my subject will be in the morning. And the schedule might coincide with an Economics class I want to enlist in.

Scenario II: I will enlist either Integrated Elementary Korean (Koreano 10-11) or Elementary Korean I (Koreano 10) tomorrow at Lingg. The class that will fit my subject will be in the afternoon. That is, it is sandwiched between my Physics class situated near Katipunan and my Mathematics class that is just near where my Physics class is handled. The problem? The classroom can be walked within 6-7 minutes from my Physics class: and I might not want that.

Scenario III: I will wait for Wednesday to enlist for the Economics subject. The problem? The demand for that subject is high. So it takes pure luck to enlist that class.

Scenario IV: We [with my friends who want to take the same subject] will beg at Solita Monsod [our preferred professor for the subject] to add us to her class. But that is plain impossible [or not?] I think.

Scenario V: I will end up having 15 units for the semester. And I don’t want that.

The adventure continues tomorrow. And, oh, if you read this entry and today is the date specified at the start, kindly give [and explain] me the scenario that you prefer. I’m [absolutely] out of my mind right now.

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