Thursday, January 29, 2009

4th Week: Black Shirt Week

Since I had a lot of black shirts in my closet and since I don't want to wear the shirt I wore for this week in the next week, I decided to wear black this whole week.

As you see, I don't generally feel good on this week. But because I want myself to be dispelled of negative energies, I'll just list some good things that happened this week:


1. Joan's birthday treat

Regina and I were reviewing last Wednesday at the Math Bldg so that the things we need to review would not accumulate. That day was Joan's birthday, and Regina asked me to buy ensaymada at Eurobake, to which I complied. So when Joan "arrived" and after giving the ensaymada, I learned that she will treat Regina at Yellow Cab. I dragged myself along (Joan agreed, anyway) un-shamefully. I was really ashamed after but because of that, I learned a lot about her. LOL.

So we went to TechnoHub and we went to National Bookstore first. To my surprise, I saw the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. I skimmed through the pages and saw the tag price at the end (I have no intention of buying that, though). Regina jokingly told me that she will give me the Twilight Series books as a present for me for my birthday, to which I gladly "puked" (LOL!).

So after that, we went to Joan's "feast". Joan and I interchanged the words pizza and pasta. (ROFL) It's my first time to eat there and it was really great. The chili sauce was great, the pizza was great, the pasta was great, and the ice cream was great. That was a very filling night. Thanks, Joan! Belated Happy Birthday!

2. New "org-mate" and friend

I first heard of Sami last semester. He was so great that I was annoyed at that time (maybe I was just insecure/envious/jealous/whatever). But this semester, we are classmates at a subject. But it was just this week that I really interacted with him.

I only know one thing about him that I learned from Aki: He eats, sleeps, and breathes yaoi. Well, true enough.

He really is a fun companion, I tell you. Or maybe just because he understands my green jokes.

But of course, his mouth is not about all yaoi. In fact, his mouth is all about Math. I learned a lot from him, even though I have to get a lot of tissues and wipe my nose smothering with blood.


I think that's enough to lift up my week. *sigh*

Yeah, and at some randomness. I can only have black shirt, white shirt, red shirt, and blue shirt weeks. That's because I had a lot of them. LOL. I only wear my yellow shirt at one very special occasion, my pink shirt if I feel really happy, and my green shirt if I think I really have no idea what to wear.

Friday, January 23, 2009

3rd Week: We Had Such Doubts

[Un]surprisingly, my mother is sharing me what's bothering her regarding my siblings. She told me that my younger brother is one heck of a good liar, way good than my sister and I. She fears that after some years, he may be a bad boy. About my sister, she said to me her prayers about her. She told me that her online relationship with an Ireland-based Filipino may be serious if the guy is, well, serious with her. I can't say my sister's condition but if you do know, then you know what my mother's thinking in relation to my sister.

After that, I realized, I hinted that she also has "problems" with me. I'm strugging with it, you all know that. Of course, I can't blurt out to her that, "Mom, I'm bisexual!" because with her conservative mind, her brain may explode first before understanding me. But I think I'm being unfair since you guys, and a few friends, know about this and, yet, my relatives don't have a single clue (except for my father, but he thinks I just need to have a sex with a girl to dispel my thoughts of me being bi).

Regina and I watched Bride Wars last Wednesday. We were interested with the movie despite it's bad reception with the critics. I do find it interesting (see my "review"). And now, we're having this, I'd like to call it, Last Quotations Syndrome. 8D

Last Friday, I finally met with Marvin. I already had an idea what he will speak about to me but I was amazed that he said things more than that. He gave me a new set of axioms/definitions of love, and with that, I was amazed by a lot of things that I realized regarding that.

Then today, I met with Christian, and we strolled around the malls. Being the unsocial being, I think I almost bore him to death. LOL.

In general, this week is a good week. Take note of the phrase "in general".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2nd Week: I Tried My Best, But...

1. I can't hold on to what I feel. It's somehow a good thing that Regina told me about my personality results, that I am "intelligent, but you let your heart rule [over] your head". I've been stinking in that department all this time. I confessed my feelings to someone last weekend and, I tell you, it was the most horrible confession that I had for this last 3 year. But we do talk now as we do before, as if nothing had happened, which is good. Unlike before... :(

2. My exams haven't reached 80%. The good thing is that I passed, but it's still not good enough. Hindi pwede and 'pwede na'. It's my fault that I'm not really that serious in reviewing my notes before.

3. I really can't understand Korean lessons anymore. I said to myself before that I will master Hangugeo (Korean Language) during Christmas break. But I got sick during that long period. And now, I even have shorter time to do so. To add things up: I failed my first oral quiz. Our teacher keeps dictating in Hangugeo and I really can't understand even a little. :'(

Friday, January 09, 2009

1st Week: Dreams About Couples



Daniel went straight to the canteen to have a helping of cup noodles. It's been a long time since he's eaten one. He is about to sit in the quiet corner when he heard buzzes and screams. From the sounds, he can tell that something romantic is going on. He looked outside and he saw a bunch of people gathering together. Then they dispersed. He looked who remained at the site. He saw Rondo and Ursula. He somehow lost his breath and felt his cheek flushing. He also saw Mileena in there. With what he'd seen, he decided to know what's going on. So holding his cup noodles, he walked outside.

As he was walking to curiosity, Barbara suddenly bumped him from his back. She apologized to him while flashing a huge smile and walked away to Rondo. As he goes near, he can hear his own heartbeat. Omega suddenly appeared from his back, telling him that Rondo and Ursula are now a couple.


Much to his surprise, Daniel dropped his cup. The contents spilled over his black rubber shoes. He can feel the scorching pain in his left foot, but he ignored it. He flashed a big, fake smile and congratulated the couple. He picked up his cup with angst and went straight to the trash bin.

His tears rolled down his cheeks, murmuring the words, "Rondo, if that what makes you happy, then so be it."


After a long time of studying and after days of not going online, Daniel turned on his laptop, Niki, and decided to surf. He went to one of his favorite sites, Plurk, and he saw a lot of unread entries. He decided to read them one by one. When he saw X and Y having a lot of entries, his face was suddenly painted blank. He reads the responses on the comments. From the looks of it, X and Y seemed happy.

"1 new plurk update".

He clicked that link, and he saw X's entry, affirming what his hunch is telling him: X and Y has good love-lives again. What shook him was the fact that X and Y are together again as a couple. Daniel was happy, of course. He shrugged himself that given the fact that he wasn't online for days, many things could have happened.


You know that I just got well from my sickness, but I still don't feel that healthy. I've been thinking all of this time, and I'm forgetting to smile again. I'm depressed. This may be the side effects of the drugs I'm taking.

Recently, I feel different about my Math subjects. It's as if I'm having inverse feeling on all Math subjects. I now like Math 171, Math 197, and Math 150.2, unlike before. And it's otherwise for the other subjects. And I still hate the fact that I can't remember my Korean lessons, starting from Lesson 1 of the previous semester.

Now that I'm having weird dreams, is it fate's way of saying that I need a partner now?