Thursday, January 15, 2009

2nd Week: I Tried My Best, But...

1. I can't hold on to what I feel. It's somehow a good thing that Regina told me about my personality results, that I am "intelligent, but you let your heart rule [over] your head". I've been stinking in that department all this time. I confessed my feelings to someone last weekend and, I tell you, it was the most horrible confession that I had for this last 3 year. But we do talk now as we do before, as if nothing had happened, which is good. Unlike before... :(

2. My exams haven't reached 80%. The good thing is that I passed, but it's still not good enough. Hindi pwede and 'pwede na'. It's my fault that I'm not really that serious in reviewing my notes before.

3. I really can't understand Korean lessons anymore. I said to myself before that I will master Hangugeo (Korean Language) during Christmas break. But I got sick during that long period. And now, I even have shorter time to do so. To add things up: I failed my first oral quiz. Our teacher keeps dictating in Hangugeo and I really can't understand even a little. :'(

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