Thursday, October 30, 2008

Survivor: Gabon: The Likeables, The Un-Likeables, and The Bitches

I think it was so stupid of me that Survivor has been around since 2000, yet I just started to become a fan recently. I love watching Survivor not just because it's a reality show and there are physical and mental challenges but also it's fun to watch, then observe, how different people act in different situations.

Previously on Survivor: Gabon...

It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl:
Fang lost again in the reward and immunity challenge (although it's individual immunity this time). Marcus
(the I'll-flash-my-penis-for-a-few-seconds doctor) won the immunity and, as an added twist, he also hailed Sugar (the pin-up girl) another immunity. Pressure rises up on Fang on who's to go next. Crystal's (the Olympic gold medalist-slash-whiner) name come's to mind until Kenny (the video game master and the I-beat-Physics-teacher-in-a-Math-question Asian) tricked Sugar that Ace (the "puppeteer") will vote-off her next. The result: Ace was voted-off: 3-2 against Crystal. Another surprise is the double elimination: Kota is to vote-off a member as well, and Dan (the hungry) was voted off at 5-2 against Susie (the few-liner).

My comments/rants about the contestants:

The Likeables:
1. Ken - the professional video gamer. He's Asian (Vietnamese to be exact). Don't underestimate his slim physique: he's doing quite well in challenges. Plus, he's kinda socially neutral but I think he can easily manipulate others because he talks well
2. Kelly - the student. This blonde [I think that I have weakness for blondes] spitfire is one of those two who stood against Ace prior to the tribe-shuffling. Sadly, she's just an all-face-no-effort lady.
3. Paloma - the waitress. A Hispanic who also stood against Ace. But sadly, since Ace is a manipulator, she was voted off. Poor girl, she's small yet tough.
4. Charlie - the lawyer. He's gay and he likes Marcus. Plus, he's a member of that so-called "onion alliance". Fear him: he's strong yet socially-likeable.
5. Sugar - the pin-up model. She may be blonde and she may look weak, but she's showing strong streaks (one is by obtaining the Hidden Immunity Idol). Can easily be manipulated, though.

The Unlikeables:
1. Ace - the photographer. Yeah, you're strong, but I hate your head full of hot air. You're nothing but body, no-brainer.
2. Crystal - the Olympic gold medalist. One of the fastest females in the world and at the same time, one of the strongest to whine in the game. You win, you boast. You lose, you cry.
3. GC - the maintenance man. Another whiner. The worse is: he's a quitter. You join Survivor not to quit the game but to win. Seriously, Sugar is better than you.

The Bitch and The Bastard:
1. Corrine - the pharmaceutical salesperson. The number one bitch of the game: the ruthless queen. Get into her way and I'll see you be burned later. Be forwarned: she is another member of the onion alliance.
2. Randy - the wedding videographer. He fonds of attaching himself to stronger alliances and can get ways to get himself into that alliance. He likes to see the other tribe lose more that to see his tribe win. Now, he is another member of the onion alliance.

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