Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Did It Again

Grave mistake. It was a different version this time.

How am I suppose to get a normal life if my whole emotional aspect is b*tching me? Or is THIS my normal life? To get hurt? But I feel pain! Am I suppose to feel pain for the rest of my life?! Am I suppose to feed on pain, to nourish me, for me to grow battered? How can I go one step further if steps one to five are already messed up?

I need a break. Seriously. I wanted to fix things. I wish they can be fixed that easily.


I can't... control my life anymore. It's hard.

I wish those two persons would end my life, my suffering. Either that or I wish they could help me fix this "mess". I want a "normal" life... I wanted to have one...

"I'm not normal and I never will be. I'm a lot of things... an agent, a villain, an orphan, and I'm running out of places to go."
~Elle Bishop; Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

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