Friday, October 24, 2008

The Fan Fiction That Was Never Meant To Be Written

I'm an avid fan of fiction, or any other works of literature for the matter. I'm trying to write some, but sadly, puro umpisa lang sila.

There's this particular idea that's been popping on my mind ever since I was in Second Year High School. It's been 5 years, but I haven't started on the story yet; just the characters. I wanted to post my ideas here, but no. I really can't do anything.

I guess I should really start about it, ne?

Do you know why I can't start that? It's because I'm bothered by their birth dates. Call me trivial or OC, but I strongly believe on those astrology things. And astrology does play as one of the central themes of my story so I really can't start since I'm idle learning the whole stuff of Chinese and Western astrology. T_T

To give you an idea of what my write-up is all about, I can only say it is a mixture of Sailormoon, Heroes/X-Men, and your regular teen-age drama flicks as major "ingredients".

*sigh* When can I start? I am to graduate college now... T_T

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