Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oops! Strike! I Did It Again.

Remember when 2009 opened and I was publishing my weekly life here on my blog with titles on what week of the year was it and a subtitle supporting my entry? Well, due to my idleness, once again, I called that to a halt. Well, I'm really annoying so I'm asking for your apology.

Well, this is the first summer in my college life that I did not enroll in any summer class. My mom finds it sort of a waste of money. I grabbed that chance to hopefully do something fruitful academically but I'm failing big time.

Now I'm entering the Fourth Year of my college life, but not my last. No, I haven't failed any of my subjects. It's that... I still have plans. Yes, taking up a Master's degree. Somehow I had a mixture of anxiety and excitement because graduation time is coming near. But it's next year anyway but being on the last year of my undergraduate life.... it's just giving me the jitters. :)

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