Sunday, April 19, 2009

15th Week: The Friday Yin and Yang

As you had read on my previous posts my black puppy, Robi, died. Recently, my other brown puppy, Mikee, won't eat as well. I'm really worried about them. My mom said that all of its siblings also died. She said that the probable cause is today's summer and it's extremely hot. Of course dogs won't die becuase of that. The factor that affected such is the puppies were less than 4 months old, where their "resistance" is still week. If Mikee happens to survive this summer, I'll be happier.

I submitted the requirements for dorm application this Friday. It's also the day that I'll get my ATM card and the check amounting the reinbursement for this school year's tuition fee, stipends, and book allowance from Bicutan. The latter sentece is about my scholarship from DOST.

I woke up by about 6 and left the house by past 7. I usually leave the house at most one hour after I woke up but since my face had grown forest, I had to shave my facial hair (I don't shave if I don't have outside appointments, pardon me). I went first to the Office of the University Registrar, hoping that I can pay my True Copy of Grades (TCG) there so I can go to the College of Science (CS) next. But the line by the cashier was too long so I decided to go out not before I discovered someone was paying for the subjects that person got via teacher's prerogative (prerog): it's my crush. I would normally be happy or my inner self would normally be jumping for joy, but neither happened. I really wonder why. After all this time, I dream about my crush involuntarily but today the "feeling" was lost. I'm still wondering why.

I proceeded to Philippine National Bank (PNB), far away from my previous destination. Thankfully, there's no line yet so I paid what I have to pay. After I left, a line suddenly appeared. Lucky me.

I went straight to the Shopping Center (SC) which is just nearby. I went to a studio to get me some ID pictures and went to a computer shop to have my printables... printed. The only requirement I was still lacking was the TCG and the photocopy of my Form 5, which I decided to do at CS.

When I reached CS, I immediately requested for the TCG but they said that they will release it by 1. I was worried because I will be late for an appointment... with Kat and Jel, my theater classmates. They planned on going to a mall and I came along. I todl them that I might be the cause of delay but they said they'll either wait for me or we'll meet up at the mall.

So I headed to Bicutan. I thought I'll be stuck at the MRT. Luckily from where I'm standing the door to the train was just straight in my face so despite the large density inside and outside the train, I barged in, hoping I'll be on time on my afternoon "appointment". I went first to Landbank to get my ATM card, went to DOST to getthe check and went back to Landbank to deposit the check to my ATM savings account.

As I return to UP, traffic became heavy on SLEX which is a first time for me. I sent Kat an SMS telling what's happening. She told me that the heavy traffic is just normal. I just blinked my eyes and stared blankly into space.

To compress the story, I got to UP by almost 2, got my TCG and photocopied my Form 5, met with Kat and Jel at a canteen, went to Office of Student Housing (OSH), just to find out that they will return the requirements to me. It's because of my father's annual income. Since he's a seaman, his income is not in pesos so I had to convert it at the ceiling rate of 50 pesos per dollar. They just won't accept my computation. Yet I did that to other forms such as when I took UPCAT and the scholarship.

So the three of us reached Trinoma by 3. I was trying to dispel my negative thoughts and instead I tried to enjoy the rest of the day. We ate at the Foodcourt of Landmark and bought myself lunch at Karate Kid. I tried to eat my luch with chopsticks and took it as my next lesson. So you know, I only used chopsticks on the following: okonomiyaki, california maki, ramen, gyoza. So this was the first time to use it on rice, which I successfully did. I was so happy! So from now on when I eat on an East Asian restaurant, I'll use chopsticks on my food. On non-soups, of course.

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