Monday, May 18, 2009

The Broken Ribs of Wrath

Whenever we're possessed by wrath, our eyes see nothing but darkness. Anger swirls around our hearts. We can't think of nothing but to somehow take vengeance on what made us angry. And with this, unfortunate things happen.

It was that rainy, fateful Wednesday when my mom and my sis went to my grandma's house to stay the afternoon there with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. My mom called me and she told me to take out the spaghetti she cooked from our ref and wait for my uncle downstairs. She said that my uncle is already on the motorcycle on the way here to pick that up, which means that I have to hurry. The time it takes from there to here on a motorcycle is less than a minute. Yet I waited for more than 10 minutes. I hate the fact that she instructed me to hurry and wait for a slowpoke for eternity.

At last I heard the blessed motorcycle. I came down with feelings of annoyance. I passed the spaghetti to him, still angry. What happened next is way off and unpredictable.

I was to go up again. I am about to make my first step on the stairs when I suddenly slipped, butt first. What's unfortunate is that my left rib hit the edge of the step of the stairs. I was wailing in pain, all wet due to the terrace's wet floor. I limply went up and called my brother while he think that everything happened to me was a big joke. I tried to gasp for air for no avail. I soundlessly asked water from my brother. As he gave it to me, he's asking me if I was okay while he was laughing.

Yes I know it was stupid of me to let such stupidity to happen. When my mother learned about it she insisted that I was in a hurry to go back upstairs so the accident happened, to which I objected. I told her that I was blinded by fury that time so that I slipped on the wet, algae-grown floor. To add salt to the wounds, she's asking the obvious by blatantly telling me if it was my uncle or I who was injured by the incident.

Until now, it still hurts but not really that much. I just cringe in pain every time I change positions while I lay down. The pain reminded me not just to be careful every time I walk, but to at least temper that flaming fury every time I'm angry.

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