Sunday, May 31, 2009


Parties... I rarely attend this things. Most probably because I really can't live the life of a party. For me, it's mostly food... and alcohol... and dancing.

A reunion/birthday party happened yesterday. The two celebrants were from my grandfather's generation. The other one's older, even. Yes, there were lots of food, and iced tea from that cute fountain/punch bowl. And there was music.

The music was probably swing or cha cha cha. (Yes, it's really called cha cha cha, but people are now calling it as cha cha) My feet were stomping. The DI of the sister-in-law of my grandfather was there, dancing with the "oldies". Out of nowhere, I pulled my sister and I taught her a lot of moves that I learned from my PE class. Our feet hurts but we had fun. That's the first party that I danced.

I stuffed myself with lots of food, I helped myself at least thrice. At the later portions, bottles of beer came out. I got one for myself and finished it. After that, I got tipsy. I don't know why. But I was sure by that time that my alcohol tolerance lowered. Yes, I know what I was doing: silly, childish movements.

The next day there was another food-fest. The same food were served. More drinks came out: there was champagne (I drank 2 glasses), apple cider (I didn't like that), and the ethereal Chivas Regal (I drank 1 glass). I never knew the latter is one heck of a hard drink I had a hard time finishing it.

Somehow, I did not become drunk by that time. I don't know why. Those drinks, I think, have higher alcohol content than the beer I drank (the light variant). At times, I wanted to become really drunk (with blackouts) but I just can't achieve that. Or probably, I know what I'm doing whenever I'm drunk?

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