Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On The Love of Siam and Other Movies That Made Me Cry

I just finished downloading the Thai movie "The Love of Siam". I downloaded it by parts, by the way. I started last week and finished yesterday since I had a lot of exams. I watched it yesterday midnight.

One funny thing while watching TLOS is that it happens on Christmas, so I felt that I watched it just on time.

And do Thais sometimes refer themselves in third person?

I read synopses and reactions of the movie. I was laughing at first when the first-time viewers thought they were fooled by fal
se advertising. Oh well, I guess a lot of people are still close minded.

So basically it "revolves" on the feelings of the two protagonists, Mew and Tong, for each other, and their respective struggles: Mew with composing music, and Tong with his family.

I was really about to cry at the first few minutes when Tong's sister, Tang, was lost and hadn't returned since. The poor young Tong made a frown whine in the sheep costume. It made me frown as well. Sorry, I c
an be easily swayed.

Moving on...

I laughed at their little treasure hunting game when Tong wanted to give something to Mew: a toy where he has to assemble the pieces that he found. But the nose was missing.

So forward to n years.

I was surprised that they still wear shorts at... was that High School? Well, anyway, sorry that I don't want to narrate the w
hole thing. I just wanted to say the things that I like in there. LOL.

So Mew has a band and he has a problem writing love son
gs. But when he and Tong met again after a long time, he suddenly got all of that inspiration and now almost everyone like the songs he make, including Tong.

Mew: What do you say after listening to it?
Tong: I don't know.

Then the rest was kissing history.

Yeah, from there you may guess the entire flow after that kiss. They were seen by Tong's mom, who talked to Mew about it later. Mew getting depressed and Tong almost depressed. Nah, just watch it.

Mew: What do you say after listening to it.
Tong: I can't be with you as a boyfriend... But that doesn't mean that I don't love you, Mew.

Tears. My tears started flowing at this scene. Tong gave Mew the "missing piece" of the toy (the nose).
Mew then placed it at home, saying "Thank you" at the end. We were both crying. T_T

I can't be with you as a boy/girlfriend...
But that doesn't mean that I don't love you...

Some people told me the first line. Other people told me the second line. When will the time come that I will hear both of these lines from a single person? T_T

Then when I saw my lollipop at my desk, I started crying again. T_T

Okay, other films/shows that made me cry (not in chronological order):
[Note: You better watch these scenes. I'm not good at narrating]

1. Gakuen Alice
Reason: Friendship, Departure
I think my feelings were too shallow by the time I watched this. It's in the ending episode. I guess I wanted a friend like Alice.

2. Moments of Love
Reason: "Death", First Meeting
Timingly, when Marco cried Divina's name (while Divina drowning was shown), I bursted into tears: inside the move house. Then when they finally met, I cried again because it was so touching.

3. Like Grains of Sand
Reason: Angst, Realization
The protagonist's love doesn't want to love him back since they were both guys. But after the protagonist pretended to be a girl, he tried to drown himself on the beach. This is when his love saved him and gave him a CPR. Then the protagonist said something like, "See, you can do it," referring to a guy-to-guy kiss.

4. Eternal Summer
Reason: Confessions
"I wanted to tell you that I love you."
"You are the only [best]friend that I have."
This is too touching for narrating.

5. Taegeukgi
Reason: Sacrifice
Older brother saved his younger brother, resulted in him being riddled in bullets. Then after a few years, the younger brother visited the remains of his older brother.

6. My Sassy Girl
Reason: Waiting, Revelations
I cried while they were reading each other's letter. Enough said.

7. Heroes 2
Reason: Death
Niki Sanders dying in an explosion. I have biases on characters so I cried when Niki died.

8. Water Boys 2
Reason: Friendship/Departure
It's sad that after a wonderful synchro performance on the school festival, Eikichi will leave for America, following his father. There, he watched a video message from his new-found friends.

9. My Boss, My Hero
Reason: Friendship/Academics
After a long struggle at High School, 27y/o Makio now knows the meaning of friendship and schooling.

I think I forgot some. I rarely cry over movies, really.

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