Monday, September 14, 2009

On UAAP Cheerdance Competition and Jollibee's Coca-cola UAAP Bottles

It was Sunday, 13th of September. The day was fated. It's time...

It's my first time in Araneta Center (oftem mispronounced as Aranaera :P)!

That day is the day when the UAAP Cheerdance Competiton for this season was held. If not for some "circumstances" I would had a seat. But, then again, standing with the [cheering] crowd was another first for me!

I saw everything (except for UP's performance), and everything was good.

Adamson: I saw beauty in chaos. Or was it that I liked their Oriental theme?
NU: Very clean perf yet, to quote Simon Cowell, forgettable.
UST: I felt they wouldn't make it. I even thought NU's was better.
DLSU: Again, another beauty in chaos. I liked their concept, they just didn't execute it properly.
UP: Because of the crowd, I haven't seen their perf. I thought they wouldn't make it, too.
Ateneo: No biases, but I LOVE ATENEO'S! Modern yet classical, simple yet grand. I liked the moonwalk!
UE: Very close. It was almost good if not for the ending. It ruined everything.
FEU: Sarimanok nailed it. It was very good. I thought it was the battle between them and Ateneo.

3rd was UP, 2nd was Ateneo, 1st was FEU. I thought they deserved the ranks. It might be very, very late, but I think I got the UAAP fever!

Jollibee's latest offering is their limited edition Coca-cola UAAP Bottles. They come in 8 designs: 8 colors with a simple design of what university-member they represent. I got them the next day. I got UP's and Ateneo's but I thought I'd get DLSU's as well.

To get them just order a burger value meal at Jollibee, upsize fries and drink to Double Go-Large, and claim your bottles! Happy collecting!

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