Friday, September 19, 2008

It's The Left Pinky This Time

Why is my left hand prone to accidents?

I'm actually alright with my left index finger since I can now bear the pain and I can type more efficiently. But now, here's the problem.

I'm trying to fix our internet connection. It should have been easy but there is something wrong with the set-up of the wires and the exhaust fan. What happened next?

Well, to make the story short, at the last step of my work, my left pinky was shredded by the exhaust fan! Yikes!

Now I look like a conio when I'm typing this, I think. I had my pinky always raised. It hurts. T_T

I remembered what my prof said earlier: A small child will place his fingers in an electric fan just to find out that it hurts. In the child's place, that's innocence. In my place, that's ignorance. T_T

I feel like a baby...

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