Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heroes Countdown!

I can't believe 09/22 will be coming in a few winks!

I'd been a fan of Heroes since it was shown on RPN9 [now C/S]. I haven't watch the premiere at that time, but it was a good thing I was a "surfer" and an avid fan of pirated DVD's, I got to know the show, and it was so cool!

Let's see... We have an empathic nurse, a flying politician, a mind-reader cop, a spacetime-bending otaku, an indestructible cheerleader, a superstrong stripper... Let's add to the list a "viral" vixen, an electric sadist, and a young-looking 400y/o guy! Get a load of that...

Now Season 3 is to come... I wasn't really disappointed with Season 2 but damn Writers' Strike >.< . There are spoilers roaming around (I love spoilers, BTW) and I am so interested what is to come! I can't contain my excitement!


P.S.: How can I watch it when I'm not in the U.S.? Hmm... It's yours to find out. Hint: When I say "watch", I mean watch. And, no, not the pirated DVD's, please. I just buy them to re-watch. :P

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